Complete list of Nominees for 2016

JoAnne Anderson

Aaron Holland

Ann Hutchinson

F'Lyce Major

Bryan Reed

Wendy Suddeth

Derek Ekaitis

Shelia Hudson

Tenez Johnson

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Employees who have earned ten, twenty, thirty, forty or even fifty years of State service were recognized at our annual holiday drop in. We’re excited and honored that we had employees with a combined 470 years of total State service this year, 2016. What a testament to the service you have provided to the State of South Carolina and the patients that we serve, thank you!  

HPH Employees

Years of State Service Award

State Health Plan primary members can get a flu vaccine at no charge from network health care providers and pharmacies. The cost of the vaccine and administration fee will be covered at 100 percent; however, any costs associated with an office visit will not be covered.

Pictured from left to right: Derek Ekaitis, Tina Terry, Bryan Reed, David Reid, F'Lyce Major, Aaron Holland, Josephine Larke, Randall Hull, Jeremy Pitts.

James Major

David Reid

Tina Terry

Terri Frix

Randall Hull

Josephine Larke

Jeremy Pitts

Carol Roper

Linda Webb

2016 Outstanding HPH Employee Nominees

Flu vaccines - at no cost!