Some of the comments Mrs. Major's fellow co-workers had to say about her as a person and as an employee are mentioned below:

  • Has a positive attitude
  • Provides great service to the patients and staff
  • Experience communicator
  • Valuable team member
  • Dedicated
  • Every employee has had contact with this person at one time or another

Mrs. F'Lyce Major

During the month of December, Harris Hospital is able to recognize our employees for their years of service and award our employee of the year to one deserving employee. Employees have an opportunity to nominate one another, based on certain criteria, for the employee of the year. Once all nominations has been announced, a selection is made by our committee on to which employee will be named, employee of the year. This year our Holiday Drop in was held on December 8, 2016 and we were honored to recognize Mrs. F'Lyce Major as our employee of the year. Mrs. Major has been working for Harris for over three years as our Employee Health and Infection Control Nurse within our Nursing Department. Mrs. Major is extremely grateful to be honored in such a way by her fellow colleagues. Throughout the year F’Lyce provides excellent service to our staff so that we are able to continue to provide the best possible care for our patients.

Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Mrs. F'Lyce Major for being recognized as Patrick B. Harris’ employee of the year and her dedicated service to our hospital and the patients that we serve!

Employee of the Year