The mission of the Admissions and Discharge Department is to provide effective, efficient, and professional services to our patients, their families, and hospital staff. It is also our mission to admit and discharge our patients in a timely manner and to deliver compassion and understanding of our patients, so they can retain a positive experience about their hospitalization.

Quality Care

Patients are treated by qualified Physicians, Nursing staff, Activity Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists and Counselors in treatment teams.

Specially trained staff serves the deaf patients in all four treatment areas. Staff and the AT&T Foreign Language Line accommodate foreign language needs. Nutritious meals are served three times a day and dietary assessments target unique nutritional needs.

Admissions / Discharges

Services provided by our Admissions and Dispositions (A&D) department include:

Admissions to Hospital

Discharge from Hospital

Visitor Registration