Activity Therapy

S. Williams

Activity Therapy Director

Therapeutic Programming/Groups

Our Activity Therapy Department is currently comprised of therapists in the field of Recreation and Music Therapies (4 Recreation Therapists; 2 Music Therapists) who conduct goal-oriented therapeutic groups, assess and document on patient progress towards treatment, and participate as members of a multi-disciplinary treatment team.

   - Level I therapists conduct 12 hours of therapy groups per week
   - Level II therapists conduct 15 hours of groups per week

Two therapists are assigned to each unit and provide a unit-based therapy program for the patients admitted to their respective lodge/unit. Groups incorporate a wide variety of discussion topics and activities which are tied to the patients’ treatment plan goals and objectives (i.e., developing support systems, coping/social skills, anger management, depression management, relaxation, physical health/wellness, hobbies/skill building, gardening, and community re-integration).

In addition to groups, patients also have opportunities to attend off-grounds trips as a means of community re-integration and as a way to introduce them to new and various opportunities available to them in the community.


Internships are offered in the fields of Recreation Therapy (14 weeks) and Music Therapy (6 months) The Recreation Therapy internships are coordinated by Certified Recreation Therapy Specialists (CTRS), and the Music Therapy internship is coordinated by a Board Certified Music Therapist.

Leisure Programming

Leisure programming is provided in the evenings and every on weekend by staff holding degrees in Physical Education, Health Science. In addition to providing leisure programming, the Recreation Specialist conduct hospital-wide monthly special events for patients (volleyball tournaments, dances, carnivals, BINGO, field days, pool parties/luau’s, and other holiday related events).

Talent Show & Christmas Program

Each year, in October, the A.T. Department sponsors an Annual Hospital Staff Talent Show and Costume Contest, and for the last several years have also sponsored a Hospital Staff Christmas Program at which our staff share their many and various talents.